Ever Think of Fostering?

We are always in need of more foster homes! Fostering is FREE- we provide, food, supplies, and even cover vet expenses. All you have to do is provide the home and the love! (Of course fosters are always welcome to provide these items should they chose) 

Foster homes are the backbone of the rescue operation! Since Fur-Ever Home Rescue does not have any type of shelter facility, all of our dogs and cats need caring, committed and qualified people to house them and help them take the next steps in their lives.

Fur-Ever Home Rescue needs foster parents who will open their hearts and homes to a rescued dog, or cat and care for them until they are adopted. Your responsibility will be to feed, play with, exercise, take them to vet appointments, love and provide social interaction and to keep him healthy and happy while a forever home is found

Sounds fun right? Here are some things you can expect as a foster parent
  • Commit:  Foster care can last anywhere from a week to a few months, to a year or more. There is no way to determine how long it will take for your foster dog or cat to find it's Fur-Ever home. Making the commitment to provide foster care should be taken very seriously. Constant moving can be very stressful on an animal.  

  • Healthcare:  As a foster parent, you are expected to handle routine healthcare for your foster dog like giving daily medications or taking your foster pet to their vet appointments at one of the vet clinics we work with.

  • Keep in touch!:  We want to know how things are going! Send updates on their foster pets to their Foster Coordinator on a regular basis.  This would include the foster pet's likes, dislikes, biographies, and of course...lots of pictures!! These will all need to be kept as up to date as possible.

  • Exercise:  You should be ready to provide the foster dog with daily walks on a leash for proper exercise and to help him/her get accustomed to leash walking. We don’t require that you have a fenced yard but do require that your foster dog is leashed and supervised at all times when taken outside. Cats need play and interaction to in order for them to be happy and healthy as well.

  • ‚ÄčTraining:  Basic commands like sit, stay and come should be practiced so that your foster dog learns, grows and matures into a great companion. Many of these animals are coming directly from shelter environments, have been picked up as strays, came from a life inside of a small cage at a puppy mill or were treated with malicious intent.  Many simply have no idea how to behave inside of a home.  It's not their fault, and they can learn with PATIENCE, GUIDANCE, LOVE, and CONSISTENCY.

While it's fun and personally rewarding, fostering is not without it's challenges. But you are part of a very important rescue network and other Fur-Ever Home Rescue volunteers are here to support you! These volunteers can tell you that each and every one of these animals has deeply touched their lives - it's an amazing experience! If you are interested in fostering, please fill out an application!